"Gábor Winkler-Nemes’ portraits capture the essence of genius musicians such as Menuhin, Rostrapovich, Karajan, Richter, Gould, Oistrakh. Their power is palpable even if you are not close to classical music, their personalities transcend the confines of the canvas. A formally trained artist and amateur musician, Nemes sees music - literally. As a synesthet, he has the gift of seeing music as colour. A man of broad interests, he perceives the world through the play of light and colour, influenced by his extensive studies of art, traditional stained-glass techniques, music, and ancient cultures."

Katrine Levin, Founder Katrine Levin Galleries


* * *

"Gábor Winkler Nemes is first of all a master technician of drawing and colour. But beyond that indisputable fact, he has been exposed on the one hand to an unbelievably broad pictorial, literary and musical spectre of cultures. And on another, he has indefatigably explored Hungarian, English, German, French, Christian, Jewish and ancient Egyptian traditions. All of these are reflected in his painting style, both intensely personal and eclectic. I have the innermost conviction that Gábor Winkler Nemes is one of the really original artists of our time."

Bruno Monsaingeon, concert violinist, award-winning French film director, author